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Made in Belgium. Here is one of the famous brands in cigarillos, offering dry-cured cigarillos and small cigars for almost any taste. Most of the shapes use wrapper leaves from Java; the Mehari's Mild & Light use a Connecticut wrapper; the Biddies Sumatra and Elegant have Sumatran wrappers; and the Mehari's wrapper is from Cameroon. All use a sheet binder and a blend of mild tobaccos in the filler.


Made in Germany. These cigarillos are made by the famous Dannemann firm from Barzillian and Indonesian tobaccos and are offered in convenient packs of ten. The Sweets are flavored with Cognac and the Slims are rum-flavored.


Machine-made in the Dominican Republic by Antonio y Cleopatra. Three delightful flavors in Cognac, Honey Berry and Irish Cream. Sold in tins of 10 or two-packs.


Geraldo Dannemann created this brand in 1873 and today, these famous all-tobacco, dry-cured cigarillos and small cigars feature primarily Sumatran and Brazillian tobaccos.


These European-style cigarillos are presented in boxes of 50, in natural (Sumatra or Java) and maduro (Brazil). Because their component tobaccos are dry-cured, there is no need to humidify them. Perfect mild 15 minute smoke. Manufactured in Ireland.


Handmade in the Dominican Republic. These cigarillos come in a hinged metal tin of 13 cigarillos in 8 different flavors.


Since its introduction in 1963, this is one of the best-known and most appreciated brands in cigarillos and small cigars. These are mild, dry-cured cigars of high quality, featuring a Java wrapper and homogenized binder, sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.


The famous La Corona brand continues with the Whiffs series, with the Light style added in 1995. Both sizes offer a natural Connecticut wrapper and sheet binder to complement the blend of short-filler tobaccos.


Middleton's pipe tobacco cigars are available in tipped, untipped and wood tipped.


Introduced to the U.S. in 2002, this brand is made famous by the famous firm of J.Cortes, It's a light and smooth cigarillo with a Sumatra wrapper, Javan Besuki binder and a blend of Sumatran, Javan and Bahian filler tobaccos.


A famous brand in cigarillos for many years, the Panter is made by the highly respected Agio Sigarfabrieken in Holland. The Silhouette and Tango shapes are all-tobacco cigars; the other shapes use a sheet binder. Wrappers come from Java (on Sprint, Small, Mignon, Tango and Senoritas Rood), Sumatra (Elegant and Silhouette) and Connecticut (Lights). The Mignon Deluxe features an Equadorian wrapper.


Manufactured in Ireland. These cigarillos are available in natural and maduro wrappers.


One of the great names in cigarillos, enjoyed in more than 130 countries. These carefully-blended small cigars utilize tobaccos of a half-dozen nations to achieve their trademark mild-to-medium body and rich flavor. Highlights of the shapes include Indonesian wrappers on the Media and Mono and a combinaton of Brazilian, Indonesian and Cameroon leaves in the Duet.


This famous brand began in 1888 and continues today as one of the world's most respected producers of cigarillos and small cigars. These models range in body from mild-to-medium, using primarily Indonesian (Sumatra) and Brazilian wrappers.

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